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I tried to stay away from this show. Too many people hyped it up for me so I was sure I was going to be disappointed. Fortunately, I was wrong and just about binged 2 full seasons in 1 weekend 🫣 This is a GREAT show- reminded me of a blend between HBOs Sopranos and The Wire with a little Breaking Bad sprinkled in.

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Shows | Crime

Classically weird and mysterious M Night Shyamalan that piques your curiosity through every scene. The series is slow to get started, however, but if you get through the first few episodes, the crazy will really start to unfold.

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Shows | Drama

If you’re into mind bending shows, mystery, strong female characters who triumph and continually become more and more empowered as the show progresses- this. Is. It. 💪♥️

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Shining Girls


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