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queer enby. infp. daydreamer. aspiring poet.


Joe Dante directing a John Sayles script with Rob Bottin SFX... unfairly underappreciated because of that other werewolf flick😉

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The Howling

Movies | Horror

A seventy minute spiritual/anti-spiritual attack on the senses deserving of nearly perfect marks, if only for its aesthetic brilliance. But no, this film is so much more than just a visual marvel; it works, quite well actually, as a brilliant metaphor for the horrors resting deep within human nature that date all the way back to the genesis of mankind. A reflection of the corrupt path that we have traveled down in the eyes of E. Elias Merhige - who, with Begotten, established himself as a true cinematic genius - and one of the most surreal and frightening experiences I have ever had while watching a movie. Beautifully shocking, gorgeously terrifying, and, most certainly, like nothing you've ever seen before. Find it, experience it, love it, hate it. Just make sure that you see it.

Begotten imageBegotten image


Movies | Fantasy

One of the most brilliant downward spirals ever portrayed on film. Allen is an amazing writer; Blanchett is an absolutely superb actress.

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Blue Jasmine

Movies | Comedy

One of the best and most maturely written films of the 21st century.

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Movies | Comedy

Incredible performances, great editing, a great score. Scott Cooper is a fine actors' director.

Out of the Furnace imageOut of the Furnace image

Out of the Furnace

Movies | Thriller

Brilliant crime-drama, probably the best of it's genre in 2013. Hugh Jackman is phenomenal . And Denis Villeneuve is just an extraordinary filmmaker. Including Radiohead songs in his films doesn't hurt either.

Prisoners imagePrisoners image


Movies | Drama

A very strange and distant dark comedy. It's even difficult to decipher between comedy and tragedy with this one. A thought-provoking and generally fascinating experience.

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Last Days

Movies | Drama

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