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this seemed cool even though i have myanimelist, in my defense i thought this was a book thing only-


for the longest time i dreaded ever watching this show because it seemed so boring but i finally pull myself together a couple months ago and holy crap i loved this show. i fell in love with armin and eren's dynamic so fast and the way they all work with each other. i do hate quiet a few characters but there's more i love that camouflage the crap ones

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Attack on Titan

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i picked this show up a little while ago and forced my two friends who hate these types of anime to watch the first 4 episodes with me. i personally love this show so far, i have yet to catch up but the characters are so lovable and relatable

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Jujutsu Kaisen

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i have seen this show three times through since it finished last month. this show makes me so happy and has been able to get me through last couple of rough months. i would look forward to watching this every saturday and would wake up just to watch the new episode.

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