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Squid games x soccer x hxh. Super fun, brilliant deconstruction of the sports anime genre, while also just having really lovable and genuine characters and relationships.




Books that make you laugh are just as important as books that make you cry. The nursery crime series is so clever and funny while also being just a really genuinely good detective novel. I cannot wait to see more of Jack and the NCD in the rest of this series!

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The Big Over Easy

Books | Jasper Fforde

Jump scares are out Reverse jump scares are in. Staring at nothing for 20 seconds and then realizing “oh god that’s a person.” Staring into nothing for 40 seconds and realizing that even if there was something there you wouldn’t be able to see it. If you liked House of Leaves and/or grew up in suburban America: you will love this movie.

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Movies | Horror

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