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Ohmyfod I cannot explain how excited I was for this movie🙏 the idea of an origin story of the granny in X is so interesting to me and this movie totally delivered what I was anticipating 😍 the old 1900s film editing style mixed with dark murderous undertones goes together so well my eyes literally popped out of my head with this movie it’s just so good yall 🙏🙏🙏 AND ITS STARRING MISS MIA GYPSY MELLO DA SILVA GOTH💔💔💔😭❤️❤️😭 the very last scene was so good too i love this movie and the second it’s available for streaming…. consider it bought 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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Movies | Horror

y’all this movie is so cute except there’s a twenty two year old making out with a eleven y/o? kinda uncomfortable to watch but despite that ****** i really like this movie. it’s pretty funny at some times and has just enough action and blood to satisfy someone🤷‍♀️ Rays character development over the film is honestly great to watch and learning more about other people in the groups traits all come together

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Movies | Comedy

First of all, there were four different plot twists that just turned into completely different stories BUT i totally loved it. I liked the fact that one moment it was a romance and then all of a sudden it’s a horror movie? alright then. next it turns into this weird sex vampire thing that eventually goes into a female empowerment action film that was written by a man. the acting was questionable but it’s okay because thomas doherty is super hot🤷‍♀️ enjoyable to watch after a sesh because i was basically just laughing the whole time. recommend defo if you like hot vampire pirates who debuted in descendance 3

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The Invitation

Movies | Horror

this movie changed my life 🤷‍♀️ she’s so real for finally letting lose and letting the “black swan” part really expose itself. the story is chefs kiss and natalie portman played nina so well i could not picture a better casting for the lead role 😭💖 the black swan white swan arc symbolizes person vs self conflict perfectttttllllyy i genuinely love this movie so much, and I love seeing how someone’s mindset is altered so quickly to basically turn into this crazy, dark, “copied” version of her true self

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Black Swan

Movies | Drama

watched because of my wife mia goth but stayed for the disturbing parts 💋💋 it’s definitely not better than the original, but some scenes left me almost numb ☝️ a must watch for horror enthusiasts but if you’re here for the plot… i wish you luck

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Movies | Horror

gooooooood movie but kinda slow tbh took me a good 2 days to really finish it 🫣 a couple plotholes but there is this one scene that made me so sick and disturbed and that’s exactly what i want to see sometimes so i defo recommend if you like kinda creepy slash unsettling movies

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A Cure for Wellness

Movies | Horror

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