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Anime enthusiast | Candy & Chocolate lover | Superhero & Somewhat Vilain fan | Multi-Artist |Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural, Adventure & Action genres are my world | Combat games are amazing | Animated entertainments are my go-to


Beauty upon beauty. 🤩

Anne with an E imageAnne with an E image

Anne with an E

Shows | Drama

If you want to see Romeo and Juliet live an actual life and not die too early or have a less than believable love at first sight kind of interaction, give this anime a try.

Boarding School Juliet imageBoarding School Juliet image

Boarding School Juliet

Shows | Action & Adventure

I liked how they made Juliet more of a swordswoman. I thought that was fierce. But they still die in the end. Boarding School Juliet is another anime where they don’t die, and I think it’s better in terms of the characters actually having a life to live.

Romeo × Juliet imageRomeo × Juliet image

Romeo × Juliet

Shows | Action & Adventure

Best Laika film! 🤩

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Movies | Animation

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