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It is halarious and the animation is lively and wonderful. Plus unlike other similar movies that focus on modern tech, this one has a message far more nuanced and realistic. It's not pure "tech good!" or "tech bad", but rather "tech is good until greed ruins it" which I appreciate.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines imageThe Mitchells vs. the Machines image

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Movies | Adventure

This book is genuinely halarious and well written. Everything that needs explained is explained but it never feels boring. Even though the main character's plight is dire, it also never feels like it's too sad.

The Martian imageThe Martian image

The Martian

Books | Andy Weir

It's a beautiful movie, one that I still enjoy as an adult. It does have many scenes that would scare a child, so parents should maybe watch it first before letting younger kiddos watch it. But it is worth it! Also as of posting this, it's free to watch on YouTube with ads!

The Secret of NIMH imageThe Secret of NIMH image

The Secret of NIMH

Movies | Fantasy

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