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Colleen Hoover does not miss when it comes to romance. Read this in one day. Obsessed with all of it, might even read again.#romance #colleenhoover

Maybe Someday imageMaybe Someday image

Maybe Someday

Books | Colleen Hoover

Another hit my Colleen Hoover. I fall in love with all her books and love how she trailed off to a thriller and away from romance. Wasn’t sure at first how I felt because her romance books are all amazing but this is just as amazing. #colleenhoover

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Books | Colleen Hoover

Amazing book & amazing movie. What I love is while reading your imagining the movie and all the actors/actresses in the film. The sequel ‘Find Me’ by André Aciman was also amazing. Not classified as a romance but definitely a must read to find out what happens after the sad ending of ‘Call Me by Your Name’.

Call Me by Your Name imageCall Me by Your Name image

Call Me by Your Name

Books | André Aciman

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