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18 I like a little bit of everything. Rn im in a fantasy and romance mood. I'll post reviews as I read.


If you like Harry Potter you'd probably like this book. It's well balanced in terms of plot, action, and romance. And I like the concept of the the nightjar. It's a charming read. Now, the characters. If you like dark boys with a conscience you'll like Crowley (love interest). Alice (protagonist) is rlly hot headed from the start. Kind of annoyed me, but it wasn't a deal breaker. I think we might see her make less prideful decisions in the following book. Which I will be reading, btw.

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The Nightjar

Books | Deborah Hewitt

This book has good character depth, especially in our main character Catherine. She is not perfect. She is sheltered and entitled, clinging to a crafted politeness. The world and setting are well crafted and capture wonderland. The romance is great, with lots of longing and flirty/witty talking. With that said, it's a hard read bc there's an over hanging sense that you know your not going to get the ending you want. Cathrine's story will end with her bitter and heartbroken. It's a good read.

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