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The movie has always been a comfort film for me, so I finally decided to give the book a go. I adore puzzles and found the clues for the keys to be difficult, well thought out, and FAR more of a head scratcher than the movie. Which makes sense. To get the rights to everything listed in just the challenges would have been astronomical. I learned so much about text based gaming, history of video games, and so much more just through dialog and light backstory. This book was written with love of gaming, and it shines through. The dialog between Art3mis and Perzival was awkward and cringey most times at the beginning, but it tracks: they're awkward teenagers. How else are they going to interact? Give it a go! I hope you enjoy it.

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Ready Player One

Books | Ernest Cline

A fantastic read! This book keeps you on your toes and attempting to sus out what is real, what is not; who speaks the truth, and who spews only lies fueled by ego. A beautifully structured novel, you flow through the lives of the characters and discover the dangers of losing oneself in a seemingly insignificant obssesion. I watched the movie before I read the book, and it took me out of the world every now and then. While the movie stays true to the source material, and is entertaining and surprising in its own right, you're still left wondering and contemplating at the end of the book. READ THE BOOK FIRST!

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The Prestige

Books | Christopher Priest

It's so good! They also have a comedy podcast called My Brother, My Brother, and Me. They're so goofy haha

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The Adventure Zone

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