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Haley Strassburg



I got this book for Christmas but I've been wanting for forever. I have yet to start it, but I heard nothing but good things

The New Jim Crow imageThe New Jim Crow image

The New Jim Crow

Books | Michelle Alexander

I did q project on this book for my grad class and honestly, I love how Mikki gives personal experiences to hit home the points she's making. Its a fantastic book, very informative, and it was something I couldn't put down

Hood Feminism imageHood Feminism image

Hood Feminism

Books | Mikki Kendall

I've read his other books and he is an excellent author. I have yet to read this one, I just wanted to mark it down

Turtles All the Way Down imageTurtles All the Way Down image

Turtles All the Way Down

Books | John Green

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