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Haneul Kim



AMAZING anime. Super well paced and all three mains are equally interesting. So painful when the female character is flat and dumb, but not the case here!

Samurai Champloo imageSamurai Champloo image

Samurai Champloo

Shows | Action & Adventure

If you don’t cry... this movie is a masterpiece however you react, and it’ll definitely touch something in your heart.

Grave of the Fireflies imageGrave of the Fireflies image

Grave of the Fireflies

Movies | Animation

Great movie already, if you love Eddie Redmayne then it’s just that much better.

The Danish Girl imageThe Danish Girl image

The Danish Girl

Movies | Drama

Studio Ghibli is fire but this movie is especially interesting if you know the full story of Gulliver’s travels. After Lilliput and Brobdingnag, the third location Gulliver’s writes about is the Castle in the Sky, Laputa. Very dystopian.

Castle in the Sky imageCastle in the Sky image

Castle in the Sky

Movies | Adventure

Classic studio ghibli movie. Always fun to rewatch along or with friends and family.

Spirited Away imageSpirited Away image

Spirited Away

Movies | Animation

Just lovely writing and casting. Great respect for the people behind this movie. The humor is top notch and the cultural respect is *chefs kiss*

Night at the Museum imageNight at the Museum image

Night at the Museum

Movies | Action

Loves both 2003 version and Brotherhood. FMA = best anime

Fullmetal Alchemist imageFullmetal Alchemist image

Fullmetal Alchemist

Shows | Action & Adventure

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