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jane is an incredible actress and her acting alone would make watching this show worthwhile. as the show is a spoof on a telenovela, it can be a bit cheesy at times. this is my all time comfort show and i love it with all my heart!

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Jane the Virgin

Shows | Comedy

usually a show with this many seasons would take me months and months to watch, but i ended up finishing the show in a few weeks. this realistic fiction show changed my opinion on old monarchs and helped me understand how governing worked in france/england/scotland during that time period. the show does deal with some heavy topics but the acting is incredible. also the soundtrack? amazing. GO WATCH REIGN RIGHT NOW!!

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Shows | Drama

black's writing style is direct and straightforward but filled with allegories and more. i finished this book in one sitting and i have never been more excited to read a sequel in my life. hurry up amazon!

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The Cruel Prince

Books | Holly Black

read this in english class. absolutely heartbreaking autobiography but truly showed me the importance of showing kindness to others. thank you jeannette walls for telling your story and for teaching us all.

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The Glass Castle

Books | Jeannette Walls

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