Heather Gilliland



Oh man what a wild and fun ride this one is. Obsessed.

Stranger Things imageStranger Things image

Stranger Things

Shows | Drama

This show is one you need to pay attention to in order to enjoy. But it is fun!

The Expanse imageThe Expanse image

The Expanse

Shows | Drama

Grab your tissues.

This Is Us imageThis Is Us image

This Is Us

Shows | Comedy

This is a while ride. A show I didn't think I would like.. but LOVE.

Ozark imageOzark image


Shows | Crime

"These mashed potatoes are so creamy." A classic that I never get tired of.

While You Were Sleeping imageWhile You Were Sleeping image

While You Were Sleeping

Movies | Comedy

One of my favorites. Comedic timing is on point. And how can it go wrong with Betty White?

The Proposal imageThe Proposal image

The Proposal

Movies | Comedy

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