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Heather Marie



Had me thinking 1 thing until the end. I was surprised and I absolutely loved it.

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Home Before Dark

Books | Riley Sager

I finished this in 1 sitting I loved the way it went back and forth and the history it showed for the future side. Beautifuly written

The Lost Apothecary imageThe Lost Apothecary image

The Lost Apothecary

Books | Sarah Penner

I am biased because I love all of her books but this one might just be my favorite. I finished in 1 sitting

Dark Roads imageDark Roads image

Dark Roads

Books | Chevy Stevens

Oh god this was written so well. I realized the obsession early on and definitely hated her friend but I loved the book

We Were Never Here imageWe Were Never Here image

We Were Never Here

Books | Andrea Bartz

Oh my God, the whole book had me going crazy, and the twist!!! Must read

Survive the Night imageSurvive the Night image

Survive the Night

Books | Riley Sager

Absolutely loved it!!! Mad at the end though I cannot wait to read the next

Kingdom of the Wicked imageKingdom of the Wicked image

Kingdom of the Wicked

Books | Kerri Maniscalco

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