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I am grateful I stayed with this book, I struggle the 1st 3rd of the book but it was important to make the next 2/3 come together. Walking through her childhood, teen years and as she comes to age was painful to read - she was honest and beautiful.. I really really enjoyed it on a very personal level

Somebody's Daughter imageSomebody's Daughter image

Somebody's Daughter

Books | Ashley C. Ford

I love her writing style and how thoughtful describes details & environments - you just feel and see it. Her relation with her mom, she openly & honestly describes in such a meaningful why for me.

Crying in H Mart imageCrying in H Mart image

Crying in H Mart

Books | Michelle Zauner

I love hearing different perspectives from successful leaders. Reed bring in Erin to co write it was smart her narrative helped make sure a non Netflix employee could get & understand the culture. Book help me reflect on my personal leadership style, where I can make adjustments how to adopt them.

No Rules Rules imageNo Rules Rules image

No Rules Rules

Books | Reed Hastings

I was not expecting to be taken on the writer path of experience as well as open my mind about trauma and it’s intricacies

The Body Keeps the Score imageThe Body Keeps the Score image

The Body Keeps the Score

Books | Bessel A. Van der Kolk

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