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loved it!!! it was super cute. made me feel SOOOO SINGLE :( but like so freaking good! in my top 3 for sure

From Lukov with Love imageFrom Lukov with Love image

From Lukov with Love

Books | Mariana Zapata

i thought this book was pretty mid… some parts i was head over heals for and others were just… well sex… anyways i think this book would have been so much better if tyler explored out of his comfort zone and was more romantic in their relationship than just dirty talk sex though that aspect was much appreciated. anyways book for me was a solid 7.7/10

Fix Her Up imageFix Her Up image

Fix Her Up

Books | Tessa Bailey

sooo good! it’s short so you stay interested the whole time and you just keep reading. it feels real like you attend the school and are watching it all happen from a distance. i loved it <3

The Upside of Falling imageThe Upside of Falling image

The Upside of Falling

Books | Alex Light

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