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It definitely felt very Harry Potter-y, and at times some things seemed a bit rushed because I would have like to have spent more time being immersed in the actual classes and school life, but there were lesbians so all is forgiven

It Ends in Fire imageIt Ends in Fire image

It Ends in Fire

Books | Andrew Shvarts

I was on the interested side of ambivalent through the first half but it picked up on the last two hundred pages and THE ENDING!! Omg. It killed me.

House of Sky and Breath imageHouse of Sky and Breath image

House of Sky and Breath

Books | Sarah J. Maas

Loved the animation but it felt like it ended soooooo fast

D.Gray-man Hallow imageD.Gray-man Hallow image

D.Gray-man Hallow

Shows | Action & Adventure

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