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I'm gay and enjoy horror, what more can I say


Absolutely nothing like the book so don't expect them to have any similarities other than character names. Overall it was pretty good, I mean it was made in the 80's so you can't really be picky.

The Running Man imageThe Running Man image

The Running Man

Movies | Action

I'd been putting off watching this movie for a hella long time cause I didn't think I would like it but boy was I wrong. It sort of reminded me of The Visit.

The Taking of Deborah Logan imageThe Taking of Deborah Logan image

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Movies | Horror

I wish they showed the creature a bit more but I'm pretty sure this was a free movie so I can't complain. Had similar vibes to the Rat Man tape in V/H/S 94. Great movie

The Tunnel imageThe Tunnel image

The Tunnel

Movies | Horror

Pretty damn good, there were a few times it lost but overall enjoyable

The Empty Man imageThe Empty Man image

The Empty Man

Movies | Crime

A bit confusing but I liked it

The Cloverfield Paradox imageThe Cloverfield Paradox image

The Cloverfield Paradox

Movies | Mystery

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