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Deeply emotional movie, surprisingly dark, but beautifully put together. Absolutely give this one a watch, just be sure to bring a box of tissues. Also, be aware that some scenes may be mildly triggering to some people with trauma, but may also be very helpful in the end. Watch at your own discretion, always be safe.

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Movies | Adventure

Stunning movie, absolutely gorgeous. This one will really tug at your emotions, plus it includes some NSFW scenes, so probably better to watch alone. Very dark movie but also very relatable. If you're worried about triggering a past trauma then do not watch this movie. I still think everyone should know Billie Holiday's story, but this movie isn't for everyone. I highly recommend watching, but do so at your own discretion. Be safe.

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The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Movies | Drama

There's so many seasons it's near impossible to watch it all. This show started out really strong, but over time it just becomes about petty drama and it's hard to stay interested for very long. Don't get me wrong, I loved watching it, I still recommend it. Just be aware that this show changes as you get further into it. Grey's Anatomy still holds up really well, it's just an acquired taste.

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Grey's Anatomy

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Trese is pretty well put together. I noticed a couple minor plot holes and some of the voice acting is a little lacking, but the overall dark aesthetic and supernatural themes are really well done here. The character design is absolutely flawless, and there's plenty of minority representation. The main character is a total badass and I really enjoyed watching this show, even with a couple flaws here and there. I definitely recommend watching if you're a fan of dark, mysterious, animated shows.

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