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I'm CDeWayne (the "C" is silent) & I just wanna Be HAPPY without causing any harm to anyone. I've realized how short life really is & we have to maximize our time here. I've learned to acknowledge the HAPPY moments as they occur. I Love My Family, Friends & making Films. #HappyLife #MoreLIFE Positive Vibes Only #PVO


Nothing Matters! My Opinion: "Everything Everywhere All At Once" it's an Emotional, Action Pack, Super Imagitative & very Trippy ride. The good folks over at A24 don't mind cutting a check on these weirdly cool dope nerd ass oddball flicks. 1Time for ShortRound/Data cuz Goonies never say die. *SideNote* when visiting the Multiverse would not recommend ordering the bagel with everything on it. #ShooterRecommended

Everything Everywhere All at Once imageEverything Everywhere All at Once image

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Movies | Action

My Opinion: "AMBULANCE" .. I Really Enjoyed this NonStop Action Flick!! It was 150% Michael Bay-ism 150% of the time; car chases, shootouts, helicopters, car crashes, action, action, action, explosions, a bit of humor & waaaaaay too many random 360 spinning shots. 1Time for the Drone Pilots, those shots were all OverTheTop stylish & totally awesome. Acting was Top Notch, Jake & Yahya crushed it. #ShooterRecommended

Ambulance imageAmbulance image


Movies | Thriller

My Opinion "The Lost City" .. it was fun, funny & entertaining with a bit of action. #ShooterRecommended *SideNote* would not recommend getting kidnapped & taken to the actual Lost City of D, I mean it's in the middle of a freaking jungle... just stay home.

The Lost City imageThe Lost City image

The Lost City

Movies | Action

MyOpinion: "The Batman" was 2hr 56mins long & Really Really Good. Thoroughly Enjoyed. It's dark..& by dark I mean visually dark so see it on the BIGGEST screen possible. #ShooterRecommended *SideNote* "Gotham City" aka Crime Central: Would NOT Rrecommend. This place is dark & gloomy with a forever overcast everyday all day...and they got bats... Avoid at all cost.

The Batman imageThe Batman image

The Batman

Movies | Crime

My Opinion "Death on the Nile" that was solid overall. I dig these Agatha Christie adaptations. *SideNote* would not recommend the S.S. Karnak river steamer during your Egyptian vacation. Worst Honeymoon Cruise Ever. Avoid at all cost.

Death on the Nile imageDeath on the Nile image

Death on the Nile

Movies | Mystery

It was OKay. I mean it's Star Wars, what .... was I not gonna watch it?

The Book of Boba Fett imageThe Book of Boba Fett image

The Book of Boba Fett

Shows | Action & Adventure

You heard the names of those involved, now hear the uncovered facts of the untold story. #ShooterRecommended

Remembering Anarcha imageRemembering Anarcha image

Remembering Anarcha

Movies | Documentary

Yoooooo this sh!t was nuts on a grindhouse vibe. FunFact: My little brother looks exactly like the main character & he's definitely a psycho as well.

Death to the World imageDeath to the World image

Death to the World

Movies | Horror

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