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Definitely recommend, I loved this movie because it showed the values of forgiving and not letting your anger guide your path, not to mention family! The story is beautiful, I’d definitely recommend for all ages :) #Raya #Aquafina #Dragons #Perfection

Raya and the Last Dragon imageRaya and the Last Dragon image

Raya and the Last Dragon

Movies | Action

LOVE! The plot was so freaking awesome, might not be your cup of tea but it’s most definitely mine! Chris Pratt travels to the future, experiences earth years into the future and does it in humor. #Future #Army #Family

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The Tomorrow War

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I’m just a marvel obsessed fan, I wouldn’t recommend watching this when you haven’t watched marvel because you will be very lost! Great show! #Loki

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SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT WATCHED ENDGAME!!! Marvel obsessed- This movie was the bomb diggidy, Black Widow And Yelena Belova are the ultimate sister duo. Love this family so much! Their connection is amazing, and Natasha definitely got the ending she deserved. #BlackWidow #Sisters Family #Obssessedwiththismoviesomeonehelp

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Black Widow

Movies | Action

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