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This is the third Emily Henry book I’ve read! It felt the most choppy in terms of plot flow. I don’t have a sister so I assume if I did I would’ve related to Nora better. I also felt like Charlie really flipped a switch and fell for Nora so quickly it wasn’t the most believable. All that to say I am a diehard Emily Henry fan and her descriptions, character details and overall tone are flawless.

Book Lovers imageBook Lovers image

Book Lovers

Books | Emily Henry

I can see why this book received so much praise! Very unique premise with quippy banter that kept the book light despite the backdrop of death. Really tackled complex emotions with genuine heart. I personally love when women stand up for themselves against men who belittle their success - punch em all!!

The Dead Romantics imageThe Dead Romantics image

The Dead Romantics

Books | Ashley Poston

A must read. As the name suggests this is the perfect beach read. Full of romance that is rooted in a deeper understanding of each other’s flaws and imperfections. The tempo of the novel was perfect and the dialogue was so quippy it was impossible to put down.

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Beach Read

Books | Emily Henry

It took me weeks to get through the first third and less than 8 hours to get through the rest. The slow start was worth the epic twist and ending! I did appreciated the body positive messaging and how it was a commentary on youth culture today being obsessed with online personas. Overall great beach read, unexpected twist at the end of Part One keeps you hooked.

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Big Summer

Books | Jennifer Weiner

Easy read. The characters didn’t have much depth. Belly’s immaturity made me not root for her and not much to love about Conrad.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty

Books | Jenny Han

I loved everything but the title, does not accurately reflect the book in my opinion. Impossible not to fall in love with Alex Nielson!!!

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People We Meet on Vacation

Books | Emily Henry

Although corny at time this read kept my interest throughout. Lots of film references and characters to keep track of. The ending left me moderately satisfied but I expected one last twist that never came.

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Pretty as a Picture

Books | Elizabeth Little

I found it hard to connect to both the main characters. The male lead, Ben, was too self assured and cocky from the start which came across as unrealistic. The female lead, Fallon, didn’t turn out to be the strong lead I was hoping for. Yes her confidence increased but she overlooked some serious red flags with how Ben treated her and carried himself. All that being said Hoover tells a great story and the twists at the end are very heartfelt.

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November 9

Books | Colleen Hoover

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