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This was just ok. it is vince vaughn being himself and same for owen wilson. again not rewatchable but i would give it one watch.

The Internship imageThe Internship image

The Internship

Movies | Comedy

this is the best movie in this genre by far. Ryan Goslings comedic chops are under utilized and he plays well against Russell Crow. This movie deserved more than it got and I would love a sequel or at least another movie with these two.

The Nice Guys imageThe Nice Guys image

The Nice Guys

Movies | Comedy

this was a lot better than i expected. i didn't really get the romantic pairing of these two, but it works. Not an instant classic by any means but worth a look at least once.

Long Shot imageLong Shot image

Long Shot

Movies | Comedy

I can't even remember how many times i have watched this. It is just full of such great characters. Not one moment of it isn't enjoyable.

Role Models imageRole Models image

Role Models

Movies | Comedy

this is an okay little indy film. Jenny Slate has some obvious appeal, but this isn't highly rewatchable.

Obvious Child imageObvious Child image

Obvious Child

Movies | Comedy

Kind of slow, but there is just so much subtle comedy and great performances, its hard to turn away once you start watching.

Best in Show imageBest in Show image

Best in Show

Movies | Comedy

This is a great mindless romantic comedy for when you don't want anything to deep.

Just Friends imageJust Friends image

Just Friends

Movies | Comedy

Everyone should watch this movie at least once. I highly recommend this.

What We Do in the Shadows imageWhat We Do in the Shadows image

What We Do in the Shadows

Movies | Comedy

I didn't like this the first time i watched it. i think i was looking for something closer to Hot Rod or to his other movies. But on second watch i loved it.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping imagePopstar: Never Stop Never Stopping image

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Movies | Comedy

This is one of the best comedies i have ever watched and John C Reilys performance and singing is amazing. I must have watched this movie easily 10 times and I have listened to the soundtrack countless times.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story imageWalk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story image

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Movies | Comedy

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