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As I started this book I thought there was going to be a whole chapter that never tied to anything… UNTIL IT DID. I was hooked. Cate Halohan tied so many random pieces of this story together into an impressive package. This book had some very unexpected twists that made me stop and appreciate how well written it was. If you’re okay with reading about the topics I mentioned in the summary, then I’d recommend giving this book a read.

One Little Secret imageOne Little Secret image

One Little Secret

Books | Cate Holahan

Poor Tommie is so misunderstood! I was captivated by his story. The beginning sets you up with the crime and the suspect, but leaves you wondering how it got their and if they got the right suspect. I would have had a higher rating, but parts of the book was just too dark to stomach. My mother read this at the same time as me and I told her to skip a full chapter due to the graphic nature of a truly disturbing event. Content warning: includes rape, Alzheimer’s, and several other sensitive topics

An Unthinkable Thing imageAn Unthinkable Thing image

An Unthinkable Thing

Books | Nicole Lundrigan

Oh, this book. Wow. What a ride!! I really couldn’t get enough of the story and what was going to happen next to Harrison. A few unexpected twists. Lee Michael Goldberg does a great job crafting the perfect story and writing in a way that allows you to try and put his puzzle pieces together, some successfully..others falling into their place on their own. I really loved that this was so different from the first story while still following the Desire Card. These truly are a series that do tie tog

All Sins Fulfilled imageAll Sins Fulfilled image

All Sins Fulfilled

Books | Lee Matthew Goldberg

This was written in a manner that was very easy to read and loosely based on real events, making me wonder which parts were true and which were fictionalized. As the story began closing, I felt the author really just dropped off. There were some huge events at the end that weren’t properly described, and all of a sudden the book was just over. The ending led me to Google to see what something even meant because the author seemed to have closed off the story with an assumption you knew a specific

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Devil in Ohio

Books | Daria Polatin

Easy five stars for me…I absolutely loved that through the whole book the only thing I knew is that someone was presumably murdered… no idea who or how. I feel this left me to be able to do so much guessing as I got to know the characters.. and the more the book continued, then I began HOPING which character it would be, because some of these characters were EASY to despise. I was hooked from beginning to end. Total mixed bag of reviews out there, but I loved it.

One of Us Is Dead imageOne of Us Is Dead image

One of Us Is Dead

Books | Jeneva Rose

Julie Clark has done it again. This story is told through the perspectives of two women, Kat and Meg while also changing timelines. Sometimes changing timelines can get confusing, but that is not the case here. Everything is perfectly connect within the differing times, and helps the full story come together. This story definitely had a twist or two that I did not see coming. Beautifully crafted with no extra pieces that were never tied up. Now the end makes me ask…. Do you think there will be a

The Lies I Tell imageThe Lies I Tell image

The Lies I Tell

Books | Julie Clark

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