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It's been said before this book shows the world is completely ruthless yet fair.

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No Country for Old Men

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Best book I have read, unexpectedly, in years. This book needs to have a film or mini series adaption, it is absolutely riveting. The whole way is an exciting, thrilling, and at times horrifying adrenaline rushes while the reader roots for the protagonist. The Life We Bury has amazing "villains", and manages to confront major philosophical issues from family duty to what it means to kill. Rape and rapist are prevalent trope through out the work of art, showing the horror of suffering and the triumph of overcoming that. This book can be finished cover to cover in a single sitting it is engulfing and encases everything a work of writing should be.#thelifewebury #arson #marshmellowmustache #autism #autismawareness #crime #police

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The Life We Bury

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