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War movies are difficult to watch from the stand point of loss to human life and what people have to do on both sides but seeing how people react in these situations I find makes them worth watching. My uncle wanted to be a priest during WWII but when he came home couldn’t justify killing with being a priest. He never could live with himself once he came home. He had a hard life full of severe PTSD once he came home. Quite sad to see. I think it was called Shell Shock, different words is all.

Full Metal Jacket imageFull Metal Jacket image

Full Metal Jacket

Movies | Drama

This is a difficult one. I love Sandra Bullock and the movie was good. I didn’t like that the kid came out saying that that was not how things went. The great white family did not save the poor black kid like so many movies show with racial differences. He cared about the family but as he said, he knew how to throw a ball and play the game. He wasn’t some poor, ignorant black boy who was saved by the white lady. So I feel for him and how he believes his true story was not portrayed.

The Blind Side imageThe Blind Side image

The Blind Side

Movies | Drama

I loved this movie and the actors. I’ve watched it 2-3x.

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Four Brothers

Movies | Action

Excellent movie and actors, plus a good story based on her life they say. Good movie in any event, worth going back for second’s

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Molly's Game

Movies | Crime

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