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Jared de Hoyos



It’s good Guy Richie fun - more commercial than some of his other gems but it’s still Guy Richie doing his thing, with great actors in his movie

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Sherlock Holmes

Movies | Action

A lot of language, but I really liked it. I grew up in the 80s and 90s, so the weird analog futuristic technology and universe was really entertaining. Acting was fantastic and the story was really original. Not everyone loves it, but I did.

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Shows | Comedy

This was really well done. A little too much like The Stepford Wives, but it definitely accomplished what it was meant to.

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Get Out

Movies | Mystery

It was surprisingly funny- a few funny premises and funny people. It’s definitely not a deep or raunchy comedy, but it’s fun and has some good lines and good moments

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Movies | Comedy

Where oh where can I find an edited version?

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Trading Places

Movies | Comedy

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