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Amazing MCU show! The mephisto stuff was a let down but still an amazing show!

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I saw it at the theaters when it came out and I recall enjoying it. I hadn't seen the original since I was young and barely remembered it. Been meaning to watching this and the original again.

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TRON: Legacy

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It's a fun / turn your brain off fun action. I haven't watched too many of the later ones, but I did enjoy the first one.

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I've always thought these X-Men films were usually good but not really great (also disasters such as Origins which is so bad its kind of good). I grew up as a young kid watching the 90s animated series & reading X-Men comics. I have not stopped reading them ever since. So I come at this with definitely a bias. I love the X-Men and I also love Time Travel stories. The movies just never were great in my opinion. But after catching up on Hickman X-Men comics, I want to now rewatch these movies.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

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