Jason Phenicie



It's an interesting take on the tale. Nothing too special but Jared Padalecki is always worth the watch

Friday the 13th imageFriday the 13th image

Friday the 13th

Movies | Horror

All around fantastic movie. Great nostalgia, fun humor and that sort of mystery in the air you could only achieve in the 80s

Summer of 84 imageSummer of 84 image

Summer of 84

Movies | Thriller

Terrifying movie that will boost Amazon's sales of personal safety devices for anyone who travels

The Rental imageThe Rental image

The Rental

Movies | Horror

Must-see classic. Excellent mix of horror and humor.

The Lost Boys imageThe Lost Boys image

The Lost Boys

Movies | Horror

Done in the style of great old school horror movies. One of my all time faves

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre imageThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre image

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Movies | Horror

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