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Jasper Greene



really good movie! paul dano truly showed his talent with diverse roles and robert pattinson as batman was amazing (i only wish i could've seen it in theaters) 10/10

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The Batman

Movies | Action

this movie was so good! i loved how each character grew and developed, and the last part when they danced together as a family showed how much closer they became 12/10 one of the best movies i've seen

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Little Miss Sunshine

Movies | Comedy

seriously considering going vegan or at least vegetarian after watching this movie, it had me hooked the whole time 11/10 would definitely recommend

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Movies | Adventure

such a good movie! my favorite characters are definitely eli and klitz 11/10 love it

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The Girl Next Door

Movies | Comedy

eli sunday was so hot ong (10/10 would recommend)

There Will Be Blood imageThere Will Be Blood image

There Will Be Blood

Movies | Drama

this movie made me so sad but it was so good! paul dano is a spectacular actor (im working on watching all his movies)

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For Ellen

Movies | Drama

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