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I'm a doula, but I love true crime


This was beautifully bizarre, and ultimately a story of love, however unconventional and symbolically told. I will say I just eyeballed a Mercedes, matte finish G-Wagen in a whole new light.

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This is a heartbreaking story, not so much for the marriage's demise, but for how parents can lose sight of what's truly best for a child. The sparring, the name calling, the amnesia for what brought a couple together in the first place — much of this fueled by attorneys, is perfectly described. When Laura Dern smirks, "I just don't want him to feel like he won." That says it all. Marriage story is driven by contentious warring, but at its heart is a lot of love.

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Marriage Story

Movies | Drama

This is an eye-opening documentary not just about the sensational LuLaRoe story ("stinky leggings" drop-down and all) but a true cautionary tale about multi-level marketing in general. Recommended watching for all moms considering an MLM model as a career choice.

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This is an extraordinary documentary particularly for artists and to some extent, romantics. Im not implying that this is a love story because it's a much broader and richer story of love and inspiration.

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The Painter and the Thief

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Another standout performance by Nick Cage. This film is tough, because it's described as "a search for his stolen pig" but it's really a story about grief, love, memory, and suffering. Sort of the opposite of a "feel-good movie." You have to be prepared to go on an emotional journey.

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