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By morning, I’m an artist, by night? I’m a bookworm <3

I’m not a fan of sequels but, dang, with this book? Amazing! Has challenges that leave you thinking and nervous for the characters! So many scenes made me laugh and cry from both happy and disastrous moments. Don’t know if I’d read it again, but definitely worth the read! #pirates #romance #action_and_adventure #fantasy_romance

Daughter of the Siren Queen imageDaughter of the Siren Queen image

Daughter of the Siren Queen

Books | Tricia Levenseller

Truly a beautiful written story. The huge plot twist had me absolutely shook! The main character is such a fierce and independent queen! The character development is no joke as well! 10/10 most definitely will read again!!! #fantasy #lgbt #romance #drama #action

Warrior of the Wild imageWarrior of the Wild image

Warrior of the Wild

Books | Tricia Levenseller

Absolutely loved it! It’s not you’re typical goth dark fantasy book which I loved! It has twists and turn that just kept me from putting the book down! Loved it so much! #romance #fantasy #young_adult_fiction

The Shadows Between Us imageThe Shadows Between Us image

The Shadows Between Us

Books | Tricia Levenseller

Absolutely LOVED it!!!! Read it the day I got it, and I could not put it down! highly recommended! If you love enemy’s to lovers!#drama #romance #fantasy

Daughter of the Pirate King imageDaughter of the Pirate King image

Daughter of the Pirate King

Books | Tricia Levenseller

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