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I live in a small town, married, 3 kids. Reading is my escape from the everyday norm.


This book was totally not what I expected it would be. Great crime novel!

Shadows in Death imageShadows in Death image

Shadows in Death

Books | J. D. Robb

Lots of twists and turns. Pretty good read. I would recommend.

I Am Watching You imageI Am Watching You image

I Am Watching You

Books | Teresa Driscoll

This book was great!! Not at all what I expected. I will say if yiu have ever dealt with any kind of domestic violence probably should stay clear of this book. It might trigger things. It was a very good read though!

Behind Closed Doors imageBehind Closed Doors image

Behind Closed Doors

Books | B. A. Paris

This book was OK. There were a few times I got a little bored with it though. The story line was interesting. Some parts seemed to drag on a bit much though.

Bring Me Back imageBring Me Back image

Bring Me Back

Books | B. A. Paris

I have read this series multiple times! I still love it and I'm an adult. 😬

Harry Potter - The Complete Collection 1 - 7 imageHarry Potter - The Complete Collection 1 - 7 image

Harry Potter - The Complete Collection 1 - 7

Books | J. K. Rowling

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