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Wow! This leaves you uncomfortable and speechless. Not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. The most unsettling part is the fact that you could actually see this happening I'm our crazy society. This book was like nothing I've ever read before!

Tender Is the Flesh imageTender Is the Flesh image

Tender Is the Flesh

Books | Agustina Bazterrica

A bit of a slow start, but when it kicks in, you HAVE TO know what happens. You start to piece things together slightly before the story unfolds but the twists are still good! I think I enjoyed Then She Was Gone more but both were good.

The Night She Disappeared imageThe Night She Disappeared image

The Night She Disappeared

Books | Lisa Jewell

I love these spooky bitches and their spooky, gay, ********! If you love true crime, paranormal, etc as told by your, soon to become, spooky homosexual homies, then this podcast is for you!!!

That's Spooky imageThat's Spooky image

That's Spooky

Podcasts | True Crime

This podcast is unbelievable and gripping! Sometimes you are crying, smiling, cheering, but most of the time you find yourself shaking your head in disbelief. Highly recommend

This Is Actually Happening imageThis Is Actually Happening image

This Is Actually Happening

Podcasts | Personal Journals

Meh. Now horrible but there was no draw to pick the book up and read it. A lot of necessary story lines to fill space. On the plus side, this author is amazing at developing characters, the then/now story line split keeps you interested, however, you find yourself skimming the Now story lines to get back the the older, more interesting past storyline. The ending also left something to be desired.

Malibu Rising imageMalibu Rising image

Malibu Rising

Books | Taylor Jenkins Reid

Interesting and well written, these fully-developed and intriguing characters take you back to the glitz and glamor of old Hollywood and the darkness of hidden sexuality of the time. The story gives the reader the feeling of following a A-list celebrity through the headlines of tabloids with a secret look behind the scenes. A bit slow, IMO, but a refreshing outlook from a world, I'm sure, many celebrities found themselves in during that time.

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo imageSeven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo image

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Books | Taylor Jenkins Reid

Wow! I read Best of Friends in 24 hours so I decided to try another of Berry's books and was not disappointed! This book grabs your interest from the very beginning and you HAVE TO know what happens! Your feelings and opinions about the characters leave you confused and scrambling. Terrifying, intriguing, and twisty in the best ways! Highly recommend!

Appetite for Innocence imageAppetite for Innocence image

Appetite for Innocence

Books | Lucinda Berry

It's been a minute since I've read an entire book in 24 hours! I HAD to know what happened and was hooked from the first chapter until the last! Set against the backdrop of the unthinkable, three life-long friends have to navigate these horrible waters together, while new secrets come to the surface. Read it!

The Best of Friends imageThe Best of Friends image

The Best of Friends

Books | Lucinda Berry

Kristin Hannah got me again! Crying 😢 A beautifully written account of adult journeys and what is most important in life.

Summer Island imageSummer Island image

Summer Island

Books | Kristin Hannah

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