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When I first read the description for this book, I knew it was something that I would like to read. Overall, it was a beautifully written story. The multiple point of views were a good way to get the reader to keep going but sometimes I felt like it was a teeny bit much. I did enjoy the plot of the story and it definitely kept me guessing where it was all leading to.

Black Cake imageBlack Cake image

Black Cake

Books | Charmaine Wilkerson

I read "Initiation" by Alethea Faust, "Bait" & "Sugar Daddies" by Jade West. They were all pretty good

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Dark Lover (Wal-Mart Edition)

Books | J. R. Ward

Who hasn't wondered what your life would be like if you had done things differently? That's what this book is about. It's also about realizing that everyone struggles with the choices they've made, even if they seem to be the happiest person. We only have ONE life so LIVE it!

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The Midnight Library

Books | Matt Haig

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