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Jodie Brown


Got this set as a birthday gift and I really enjoyed the read.

Throne of Glass Box Set imageThrone of Glass Box Set image

Throne of Glass Box Set

Books | Sarah J. Maas

LOVED how we get introduced to Drizzt in this series. Drizzt is possibly one of the most transformstive ,interesting and intelligent fantasy characters ever created.I would highly recommend starting with these three first if you are going to join the Drizzt Do Urden family.

The Dark Elf Trilogy imageThe Dark Elf Trilogy image

The Dark Elf Trilogy

Books | R. A. Salvatore

I have to admit,besides the dark elf trilogy this book was one of my top 10 for sure. But In my opinion you need to be caught up on all the Drizzt books before reading this or you're going to be very confused lol

The Companions imageThe Companions image

The Companions

Books | R. A. Salvatore

Kristen is an amazing writer,you really get pulled into the story. Great read for anyone who loves a strong heroine!

The High King's Tomb imageThe High King's Tomb image

The High King's Tomb

Books | Kristen Britain

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