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If you're into dystopian future, mayhem/disaster movies then I would definitely give this a try. I think the lead actress did a fantastic job. The idea behind the plot was fantastic although the execution and resolution was a bit lacking. This would have definitely benefited from being an episodic series as opposed to a movie as it would have allowed more time to invest in the plot and flesh out the characters. Other than that it's a great watch.

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Movies | Drama

Bill Burr struck gold with this show. If you've ever listened to his stand-up its basically his life growing up.

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F is for Family

Shows | Comedy

Decent summer blockbuster that went straight to Prime. Had some clever moments and the CGI is fairly good. Sci-fi and dystopian lovers won't be too disappointed. My one criticism is they should have focused on the aspect of middle-aged people fighting aliens. They also should have left a cliffhanger and stretched it out for a sequel.

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The Tomorrow War

Movies | Action

Never knew R.L Stine could be R rated especially growing up reading his books as a kid. Where the first has a decent kill count, this one amps it up a notch. All these sequels gave me a decent Stranger things fix untill it the new season comes out. 78 even stars one of the Stranger things characters.

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Fear Street Part Two: 1978

Movies | Horror

Classic. Used to watch this every night growing up. Short lived sadly.

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The PJs

Shows | Animation

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