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Well, I loved it. Simple as that. You get emotionally connected with the characters and you find yourself disappointed in many of their actions, leading up to what you know is coming but surely hope does not.

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A Farewell to Arms

Books | Ernest Hemingway

Well, books don’t win the Pulitzer Prize for no reason. I had seen the movie before but went ahead and picked up the book. Such a great read that pulls you in, grabs hold of your emotions, and takes you on a ride for a couple hundred pages. I’d highly recommend anyone to read this!

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The Road

Books | Cormac McCarthy

This book will introduce you to the methodology this country has employed to enforce segregation and white supremacy. From housing policy, to the prison system, Rothstein analyzes a great deal of history and pieces it together in an approachable layout which is, The Color of Law.

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The Color of Law

Books | Richard Rothstein

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