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John Wong



I hated most of the first season but towards the end of the first season it got really good as the characters found what they wanted, relationships start to form and it became more wholesome to watch. Still not the greatest show of all time, but enjoyable show to watch with some LOL moments.

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Shows | Comedy

I loved it. Keeps you guessing until the end! And you're still guessing!

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The One

Shows | Crime

Great show if you like space travel shows like Star Trek:Picard. They really you to a different world with its own rules, and one of the tribes even has its own language. Bingeworthy-almost every episode ends in a cliffhanger, particularly in the later seasons. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for Season 6!

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The Expanse

Shows | Drama

This show is one of my all-time favourite series. So funny and well written. Torgeir (Trond Fausa) is hilarious and one of my favourite characters ever.

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Shows | Drama

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