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Johnny Peters



A super cool approach to a zombie take over. The zombies are way cooler than most. And the plot of people trying to escape zombies moving up train is original and interesting highly recommend

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Train to Busan

Movies | Action

Wanda vision is probably my favorite production that marvel has produced. Insight into wanda and vision's lives after the "Thanos" ordeal and shows the origin of her powers. So good! Highly recommend to any superhero/comic book fan.

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Shows | Action & Adventure

Great movie! The animation style is really cool. This movie also celebrates some black culture and teaches about inspiration. Great for the family. A great watch!

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Movies | Adventure

Really good show im loving this series, has alot of characters and power struggles the movie left out. Great watch

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Yes i did great show. Can't wait for more. Way better than the golden compass

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His Dark Materials

Shows | Drama

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