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Jonathan Rivas



May not be the best art out there but the story is engrossing and clever. It's actually very inspiring as a graphic designer, simple art style that can tell a great story.

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Books | Matt Kindt

An engrossing page turner where can never tell who is gonna die horribly next. There is no ground to stand on, as alliances shift and you root for some and then get offed next. This one was addictive, action packed and fast paced ride. Highly recommend.

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Battle Royale

Books | Kōshun Takami

A classic, can't say it has the same impact in english as it does on my native language. But the translators did a great job at trying to capture the wonder and legacy that this book left on my favorite genre "magical realism".

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One Hundred Years of Solitude

Books | Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This magician is no harry potter, the story is slower but the character is being built up from nothing and we see his journey through a brutal landscape as he becomes mes the legend. I found this a great book as we really see the hero develop and transform, and we root for him, and his cleverness. Again this is an slow build with great character development, but I have enjoyed the series so far.

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The Name of the Wind

Books | Patrick Rothfuss

Effed up, but very inventive and funky. It is a creative joyride though crazy, meta, perverse, regions of the mind. Highly sensitive people should not go on this ride, but for the rest of us if you can stomach gross concepts, I'd say get on.

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The Filth New Edition

Books | Grant Morrison

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