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I have read this novel at least half a dozen times - for the Anglophiles here, in character, theme, and background, it's as English as English is - albeit a bygone Britain - engrossing, humorous, with an ending that might send you reeling, this is one terrific novel by the marvelous Barbara Pym - "The Sweet Dove Died" should serve as an entree to Pym

The Sweet Dove Died imageThe Sweet Dove Died image

The Sweet Dove Died

Books | Barbara Pym

This is a perfect date movie - and Eric Stoltz is so beautiful here, girls (and boys) - I think you'll enjoy this very much.

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Some Kind of Wonderful

Movies | Drama

Yuk- overrated BS movie about absolutely nothing. Still wondering what all the fuss was after 35 years - Oscars for Cher (who should have two years earlier in the heartbreaking, "Mask" - and for Olympia Dukakis who has the stupidest facial expression throughout this pile of crap Loather this movie.

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Movies | Comedy

A hilarious movie that I saw (as a very young man) being filmed in NYC - Liza Minnelli, Dudley Moore, and Oscar winner Sir John Gielgud are nothing less than superb and you will laugh your head off - highly recommend!

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Movies | Comedy

Fabulous movie - I saw this in the movies in July 1985 and I love it. It was a HUGE hit that year - the top box-office movie of the year if memory serves - Bittersweet to watch now because of Michael J. Fox- who was catapulted to huge stardom by the success of this movie juxtaposed to what would happen to him a few years later - still, if you want a gem of a 1980s movie. this is it!

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Back to the Future

Movies | Adventure

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