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My favorite types of podcasts are ones where you feel like you’re listening to a casual conversation that you can almost be part of — a casual interview. Andrea and Jason definitely achieved this for me. They both are obviously very passionate and educated about yoga and the yogic lifestyle. After listening to their podcast, I felt like I left with something positive and I learned something new — a new way of looking at myself and the world. It’s safe to say that I’ll be tuning in again.

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Yogaland Podcast

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I LOVE this podcast! Omg. When you can hear songs from your favorite artists dissected from the story to the production, it puts you on a totally different level of fandom. There’s songs from so many different genres and artists. It’s definitely one of my favorite podcasts rn. Highly recommend

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Song Exploder

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I love how this podcast isn’t set up like a classic interview — it’s fun and light. What I don’t like, though, is that they haven’t released a new episode since February.



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