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spicy book recs, horror & bingeworthy tv are my jam


Lunatic behavior and I’m only on Episode 2. Definitely give it a try! Will come back to rate once I’m done!!

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Love all things A24 but I expected a bit more from this one. Definitely a thriller though. Give it a try!

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Good Time

Movies | Crime

What did I just watch?! I’m so confused but also so entertained. Only watched for Queen Mia!!

A Cure for Wellness imageA Cure for Wellness image

A Cure for Wellness

Movies | Horror

My long-awaited date with Mr. Ghostface was 10/10! What an enjoyable bloodbath. Absolutely go see it! 🔪🩸

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Scream 6

Movies | Horror

This was fun. Definitely a great 90s horror/mystery watch!

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Disturbing Behavior

Movies | Mystery

Fantastic movie. An absolute must-watch. 10/10

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Man on Fire

Movies | Action

This was an interesting watch. Not wonderful but watch if you can’t find anything else, I guess…

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Movies | Thriller

Just started this and wow, a great watch! Can’t wait to watch the next few episodes!

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Poker Face


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