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I laughed, I cried, I felt seen. Nora is a SPECTACULAR character. If you grew up too fast, parented your parent, or crave control on a deep level, you will identify heavily with her. The banter in this book is F*CKING OUTSTANDING. True Buffy-level quippage. Emily Henry knows how to write about the dead parent wound SO WELL. She manages to cram in so much character development-- all of which feels earned and well-paced. I LOVE THIS BOOK. Read "Beach Read" first for the full experience. @emilyhenry

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If you spent a lot of time trying to find yourself in your 20s, and instead ended up finding a load of books and film and albums that defined you, you will identify with this narrator... And if you fall in love with strangers on the subway. CL does a great job of prioritizing the protag's arc-- and dignity as a femme character-- above a cheap resolution. The HEA is hard-won. The power dynamic between the MC's creates huge emotions and a true conflict that makes the ending feel earned. 👍🏻

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