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This is one of the most shocking, violent and (somehow) heartwarming movies I've ever seen. James Gunn just hit it out of the ballpark and went all in with this Suicide Squad movie. Jam-packed with a lot of deep-cuts for DC Comics fans. #DCEU #TheSuicideSquad #YouDontKnowSquad

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The Suicide Squad

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Wow. What a reveal for the final episode of season 1 of Loki! Those of you saying "The MCU can't do anything after Endgame" are totally wrong. We now have Kang the Conqueror as the next big bad of the MCU. As for the show overall, I really loved how it kept it a mystery which side was good or evil, the variants or the TVA. The breakout star to me was obviously Sylvie played by Sophia Di Martino. I absolutely loved her in this show and hope she's in the next season and possibly more MCU projects. My favorite scene in this season has to be in the beginning episode where this Loki variant goes through the main Loki's timeline and see's how he dies. Just the emotion coming over his face realizing he has no "glorious purpose." Excellent stuff by Tom Hiddleston. On to season 2!

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