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Kadence Stevens



i LOVED this book. the love story the two character have was absolutely amazing. i couldn’t stop crying. i was so sad they did end up dying. the book really kept me engaged and i loved how it was told through different characters at different points!

They Both Die at the End imageThey Both Die at the End image

They Both Die at the End

Books | Adam Silvera

i’m going to be honest, i was a little upset when i read the back of the book and got the biggest spoiler ever. but honestly the book was amazing and knowing the run down let me understand and appreciate the book a little bit more. it was an amazing love story and i would read it over and over again

Alex, Approximately imageAlex, Approximately image

Alex, Approximately

Books | Jenn Bennett

the story was absolutely beautiful and the camera was beautiful aswell. this is definitely a movie id watch over and over again.

The Space Between Us imageThe Space Between Us image

The Space Between Us

Movies | Romance

it was such a quick, but amazing book. it felt a tad rushed at some points but overall it was amazing and sad

In Five Years imageIn Five Years image

In Five Years

Books | Rebecca Serle

the end took such the turn you expected from the beginning but never thought itd actually happen

The Half of It imageThe Half of It image

The Half of It


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