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Book #3 of 2021 and yes it’s another Ruth Ware book. This book kept me guessing throughout my read. If you like suspense and mystery this is the one for you! Ruth never disappoints. #ruthware #mystery #suspense #whodunit #fiction

The Woman in Cabin 10 imageThe Woman in Cabin 10 image

The Woman in Cabin 10

Books | Ruth Ware

My second #RuthWare book of the year 2021. If I wasn’t already hooked.. I for sure am now. I didn’t realize this when I started reading it that this book is her debut book. There is so many twist and turns and we already know I love a good cozy mystery read. I recommend this book to any mystery lover. Just when I thought I knew what was going on she flipped the switch on me! Amazing read. #cozymystery #thriller #mystery #snow

In a Dark, Dark Wood imageIn a Dark, Dark Wood image

In a Dark, Dark Wood

Books | Ruth Ware

I started reading this book on a plane back from Montana and let me tell you.. I couldn’t put it down. The way this book was written was genius! One of my goals for the new year was to read more books and Ruth Ware put me in a place that I just needed to keep going. It didn’t take me long to finish! I recommend this book to anyone who loves cozy, by the fire, mystery books. #thriller #mystery #ruthware #snow

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One by One

Books | Ruth Ware

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