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I watched an episode on YouTube of Hollywood Graveyard from Paris. (If you love Old Hollywood and cemeteries this YouTube channel is a must!) The host visited the grave of Edith Piaf. I was fascinated by her story and this movie was mentioned as a great reflection of her life. I immediately borrowed it from the library. My husband was familiar with the artist from her music in the movie “Inception” but I had not seen that movie. Marion Cotillard was a perfect casting to play Edith. Great movie!

La Vie en Rose imageLa Vie en Rose image

La Vie en Rose

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The settings and costumes in this film were beautiful. Coco was a very complex woman with a sad and tragic childhood. It seemed to cast a shadow over her life and was not portrayed as a very happy person. She was however talented and determined which ultimately seemed to bring her contentment. The actress who portrayed Coco was stunning and exhibited the personal style she was famous for.

Coco Before Chanel imageCoco Before Chanel image

Coco Before Chanel

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